Monday, June 29, 2009

Road Trip and Life....

Yesterday we made the trip out to see my Aunt Millie who is the cutest 76 (?) year old you ever did see. She surprised us and invited the whole family in for supper while we were there :) And it was great! Her two daughters came with their families and the house was full of us and them, but it soon became a blending of sorts and we all became family again.
Some of us have not seen each other since I was a wee wee one- 9 or 10 years old maybe.
Some of us have never met. My Aunt Millie has made the effort to come out West when we were there, but not everyone else could make the trip...anyways....
Here we are now.
It was an enlightening trip for me.
I asked a billion and one questions, which I felt I should already know.
I have no idea where I've come from. Just bits here and there and even those are foggy.
So I was asking asking soaking up as much as I could and then I got the treat of my life. Pictures! Old pictures of my Grandmother, old pictures of my Dad (and it's like looking at a picture of my brother Shawn), old pictures of this and that and everything in between.
This may not mean anything to anyone else, but for anyone who knows me, a root has sprouted out:) I am NOT saying it has taken hold though. LOL.
But, the roots are in there.
Next, we'll have to take a trip up to the family farm which has been around since who knows when.
Even Steve didn't feel out of place:)
The kids were little darlings-of course!
They relished every little bit of loving they were getting from all the Aunties and cousins around the house.
On the way home Oliver was hit with a doozey of a migraine and we are pretty sure it was from the storm that blew through here last night...but it could have had something to do with all the nitrates in the sausages he was chowing down on all afternoon. Poor little guy. I was sitting backwards a good way home holding an empty doughnut box in case he barfed and then he finally fell asleep. Phew.
Today he is perky as could be. Kids are amazing!

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Jodi said...

I am glad you had a good time. I love hearing about older family members and their stories.