Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We are in the midst of a heat wave...well at least I believe we are. It is darn hot and I feel like melting every time I even look outdoors. How Steve works outside everyday is beyond me. He is amazing.

Currently my Dad is here visiting and we are having a great time.
Last night he went out to a football game and thought he'd died and
gone to heaven:) Dads are funny.

The kids had great report cards and are now adjusting to being home.
What a treat to not have to make lunches anymore!!!!!!
Oliver had his little graduation at school from Senior Kindergarten
and it was sure hard to hold in the sobs.
Emma is going into grade three next year. Oh.My.Goodness.That just seems so
old to me. I know, I know, when she is 16 I'll be saying the same thing, but right now she seems to be growing up SO FAST!!!
Both kids are pretty excited about going full days TOGETHER next year and seeing each other at recess and lunch time. That makes me happy that they love each other so much....well at least for now they do:)

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