Tuesday, September 01, 2009

I know, I KNOW, it's been ages since my last post.
Sorry:) It's been a little busy around here.

We've been having fun and living and and and stuff.

Today Grammy and Grandpa are coming for another
visit and we are quite excited. A great way to
cap off the summer.
The kids and I have been practicing our morning
routines and so far...it needs a bit of tweaking:)
The pencils are sharpened, snacks are piled in the pantry,
and clothes are freshly folded. Next week is going to be
wild. Both kids in full days. Perhaps I better not think about it.

We have seen lots of family this summer which is
great and we've made lots of little day trips, which I
love. One day trip we made was out to Port Dalhousie and
the kids (with us) rode on a carousel for 5 cents:) It was cute.
We were with some good friends who are sadly only going to be around
for another year or so. But that is life I guess, people always coming and going.

Oliver has gained three pounds this summer! We are super excited about that.
He is really coming along and starting to grow. I still think he'll be the smallest in his class, but he is getting there.
Both kids were playing in the back yard yesterday and I was in the kitchen doing my once a month cooking and while I was grating carrots I thought it would be funny to read a story to Oliver through his little FM system which transmits right through to his hearing aides outside. I started reading him a story and he came marching in mad as could be.
"Excuse me Mummy!" He said.
"?" I looked at him with a grin.
He crossed his arms and stomped his foot.
"I was in the middle of playing and you are interrupting me!"
Well I guess that was the end of that idea. I thought it would be like a book on tape, but I guess not. LOL.

Emma is thrilled to be starting dance lessons this Fall.
She keeps checking the calendar to see how many days are left until she
starts. It's cute. It'll be nice because then Steve and I can have 45 minutes
of time together without little ones interrupting us. Oliver will be in a class too
and is excited sometimes and other times not so much.

I am so glad to have Fall here (for the most part).
Crisp air, fresh breezes.
It's easier to move around and exercise.
I love it.

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