Monday, November 30, 2009


There are constant twists and turns in our lives here and it never seems to stand still. Which is a nice thing! I love the hustle and bustle and pace of life. We are not run ragged and harried, but busy enough to feel useful.
Yesterday we put up the tree and enjoyed a jamboree of harmonicas!
The kids paraded around the house (and Steve too) playing their music to the fullest.
Now of course we need to explain how long it is until Christmas. HA!!

Random Oliver-ness this morning:

Oliver: "Hey mom! A hexagon has six sides and six vertices and that means corners in case you didn't know."



Anonymous said...

Remind me how old he is?!?!?
Grammy Char

Jodi said...

Life is good!

And Oliver is hilarious! My kids learn that in 4th grade here.

Family Of Five said...

Glad all is well in your world! :)