Monday, March 01, 2010

Goodbye Olympics, I'll miss you

As much as I am not a regular sports fan around here, the last few weeks have been terrific. The Olympics have charged us up and whoever we come into contact with, seems to feel united and excited by the games.
Yesterday we went to the movie theatre to watch the Gold Medal Hockey game. Our family loved it, as well as the other families we went with. The excitement of the crowd was infectious and even after the game people were waving flags and arms as they came out of the theatre:) People were waving at us that we didn't even know.
It was great!'s back to normal.
The first day of March is here!


Anonymous said...

What a great experience for the kids. If they remember it in 15 years or so it will be great, and it will be because you guys took them out to experience life.
Great for you and great for them.
Grandpa Glen

Family Of Five said...

I truly was an amazing experience for the kids! Hopefully one they will remember being a part of. Sounds like so much fun!