Thursday, April 01, 2010

Recently I came home from the public library with a box full of books for the kids to read. They were so excited when they got home from school and saw all the books, you'd think I had given the, candy or some such thing:) It was great to see such enthusiasm over books! I love it.
Currently (yes at 6:30 AM while she eats breakfast) Emma is engrossed in a chapter book. I just heard her guffaw and it made me smile so wide. I love the fact that both kids 'get' jokes and can understand inferences in text. It amazes me what their little brains are capable of:)

Our lives are pretty fast paced these days (do they ever slow down).
We are selling our house and on the search for a new dwelling. We have family here this week for Easter and to help us put the final touches on the house before we pound in the for sale sign. Very exciting stuff. A little wrangy, but fun nonetheless:)

We are in April!
Three more months left of school.
This year has flown by and I am not exactly sure where it has gone.
The kids seem much older when I look at them and have conversations with them.
Although, some lady asked Oliver if he was in junior kindergarten last week, LOL.
He laughed about the whole thing. Phew! We told her "NO he's in grade one."

Yesterday we received our fixed van back after it had been at the shop for a few days from a bus incident. There is always something going on :)

Easter seems to have a good forecast and looks like it'll be beautiful here. So nice that we'll have family around!


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Miss you guys! Nice to hear the going ons.