Thursday, May 06, 2010

Scrubbing and packing.
Tossing and sorting.
On the move again :)
It seems absurd to some, but to us it feels
like the right thing.

To anyone outside of these four walls looking in, it seems insane to
be packing up and moving back home after just coming here only a short
two and a half years ago. However, to us it has been a process. We've felt nudges guiding us and directing us in this way for a while now and it feels right.
So here we go.
Although, truly I am not sure how many more times in my life I can move around like this:) It's draining. LOL.

Perhaps we'll stay put for a while now...

We have learned some incredible things while here and seen things we never knew
possible. We've loved it here. Of course, still learning and growing.

We are excited for our new adventure.
Curious to see what the city looks like now that we
have new eyes.


Jodi said...

I am excited for you! I think this will be a good move. Besides that life is too short to sit around watching it go by!

Anonymous said...

We're excited for you, and for us!
Grammy Char