Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Final... I think

We signed the last of the mortgage papers yesterday. For the second time.
What a headache! To make a l-o-n-g story short, the bank messed up big time
and ended up terminating our deal after it had already been approved. Grrr.
BUT our Realtor fella saved the day and everything is right as rain again:)
I guess that is why we pay them the big bucks. I could not imagine trying to
do this without a Realtor. No thank you.

The owner of our new house is a lovely lady
and I had the great opportunity to meet her
and sit with her for a while. I am glad for her
that she is able to own her own place, what an
accomplishment! She'll now be living right next
door to her brother which I think is so special.
Plus, her name is the same as the first friend I met
when we moved to Hamilton. So that was kind of neat for me.
Open and close a chapter of our lives with a special "C".

We have found a school here for the kids and truth be told, I
had no idea it ever existed before. It is so tucked away!
They will get to ride the bus which Oliver is happy about:)
The principal asked all sorts of questions about Oliver
straight away and said he'd let the grade two teachers know
that he'd be coming. Awesome!

The kids are loving church thus far and are still loving the city.
We've only been here for a few weeks and yet it feels like forever.
We are feeling some aches here and there from missing friends who
we had become so very close with. However, we always do survive:D

Still waiting for the sun to shine, but not too hot.
And ready as ever for Fall!

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God is so good!
Grammy Char