Thursday, June 24, 2010

Six more days until the closing of our old house.
Everything seems to take ages. It seems like it is over and then
it's not and then we think it is done again and then its not.

It feels really good now that we have gotten so many
things done here. It feels like we are not standing still
and/or moving backwards any longer. That is a great feeling.
Finally received our driving permits in the mail yesterday!
Also finished ALLLLLL the paperwork to sign the kids up for school.
What a headache that was. But it's done :) (And paid)
Both kids are excited to be taking the bus in the Fall. That is
something new to them. So we'll see how that goes.

We are settling in to our new home and the kids are slowly adjusting.
Emma was quite unsure when we arrived about how things would unfold (as were we)
because we anticipated another move. However that is not the case and we
are staying put. It is much easier on us all!
Oliver said, with much relief, "Oh GOOD I don't ever want to move again. EVER!"

Steve has turned into a working machine around here and I am
so impressed. Woo! The yard is shaping into a real yard and
the kids have a play area now all thanks to him.

I have been up to my usual tricks of keeping the kids entertained and
finding bargains:)
My best bargain this week was certainly something to talk about.
I made an online purchase as American Eagle for some school clothes for Emma and my regular price (before discounts) was over $180.
After applying all my discount coupon codes, super saver card, sales tickets, gift certificates etc. All I paid was $5.55. Including shipping, duty and taxes:)


Anonymous said...

You are amazing. I admire you so much!!!!!
Grammy Char said...

Where are you.... where do you live and tell me about all that is happening...