Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Every Part Matters

We heard a message on Sunday that we must have heard a thousand times in our lives. We are the body of Christ etc. Each a part of a whole. Working together as one. All parts important and none can work well without the other.

Simple, yet it dug into my heart on Sunday.

We are still settling in here in our new home.
It's a big adjustment even though we are familiar with
the city. Summer seems to be the WORST time to move because
everyone is on holidays and all school/church/community programs
seem to also be on hiatus as well. So we wait out the summer and
have high hopes for Fall.

The kids are registered in a school not too far away, but they do have
to take the bus which means I am at a disconnect :(
I like to be in the school and know the teachers, staff, moms, kids and so on.
There is the possibility of the kids going to a closer school (Catholic) right down the street (which I just found out) so I have been calling and calling the board to see if we can get in there. That would be very nice but again, it is more waiting :)

I can not believe how quickly July zipped by.
It seems like I blinked and there it went.

Last night we pretended the our home was a restaurant at supper time.
Emma took the role of server and host. She was amazing! Filling drinks, setting the table, ushering people to their seats, telling Oliver to wash up! So adorable and shocking at the same time. It really shows that she pays attention even when she is spazzing and fidgeting sometimes:) It's hard to believe she is going into grade four. Gosh. Where did that time go?
Perhaps I live in the Twilight Zone....

Oh and one little note about the Swagbucks links that you see on my site:
That is a legitimate site and boy do they have great rewards for doing
surveys! I have earned enough Amazon gift certificates over the years through
them for Christmas gifts for the kids (Wii games) and other items as well. Starbucks cards...and I forget what else. I'm just saying.

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