Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Re-registered !

Yesterday was a wonderful day of celebrating around here.
We had milestone birthdays of Grandpa and Auntie to mark and
it was a good day.

Also yesterday was the opening of registration at the school right
down the street from us. The school is a Catholic school so normally
we would only be able to go if we meet their criteria of being baptized
Catholic, but since 100 students recently left to go to their catchment
school we are able to get in.
Now the kids do not have to take the school bus, we can walk and I will have much more connectivity with the school :)
The class sizes are much smaller - Oliver's class has 14 counting him.
The fees are less than we were paying for public school and it's closer.
The school has many pluses that I can go on about.
The kids are super excited:)
As I was describing the music room to Emma last night while she was getting
ready for bed, she started crying (a happy cry) and she blinked, then blinked again.

She said "Oh! Oh! I think my eyes are sweating."

She is quite thrilled to be able to go to this school and already be a little familiar with the park where it is etc.
Oh and I have already met a little girl in Oliver's class named Olivia :D

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