Thursday, September 02, 2010

Away They Go!

Well we made it to school with no tears from anyone. Smiles all around.

One little girl this morning asked about Oliver's hearing aides and her mom
tore a strip off her. I tried to interject and say that it was ok to be curious.
The mom just kept going and yelling at the daughter for being rude (which she hadn't been). Sigh. Oliver felt bad for her. He looked up at me and wanted to help her, but he didn't know how. I told him that he could explain it later to the girl, there will probably be more questions anyways. He was happy with that.

Emma has the cutest teacher. Young and blond:)
I eavesdropped a little outside her door and she seemed content.

When I got home from dropping the kids off, I started making my Choke Cherry Jelly from
the berries we picked yesterday. Yum! Now it is cooling while I type this.

I also had a lovely chat with an old friend. Life is good.
Nothing like laughter and encouragement to make you soar.

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