Sunday, September 19, 2010

Your Money God's Way (Trade Paper): Overcoming the 7 Money Myths that Keep Christians Broke by Amie Streater | Book | Thomas Nelson | Publisher of Christian Products

Book Description

“Amie Streater…delivers a powerful message of common sense and biblical wisdom that today’s churchgoers desperately need.” - Dave Ramsey

Readers discover the seven "counterfeit convictions" that keep them broke and encounter proven plans for getting out of debt, building wealth, and finding financial peace.

Money habits. Where do they come from? Can you pinpoint when you started shopping to feel better, why you can’t usher grown children into financial independence, or why saving for the future is a priority in theory but not in practice?

Amie Streater, associate pastor of financial stewardship for the 10,000-member New Life Church in Colorado Springs, has been there. From her own experience, she knows what it’s like to look at an impossible pile of bills and a pile of toddlers wrestling in the next room. In Your Money God's Way, empowered by her own incredible journey to financial freedom, she leads readers to the dream of mastering their finances. She also expertly uncovers seven “counterfeit convictions” Christians believe that hinder their personal finance success.

My Thoughts:

This book has spoken to me in ways like no other financial book has ever
reached before. Amie Streater has focused on the biblical truths of why we
act the way we do and why we feel the way we do towards money.
I love how she challenges readers to change their patterned thinking
and take up a new way of doing things. She talks about reading the whole text of the
bible for instruction (DUH!!) and not just taking out excerpts for our own
benefit. Light bulbs were flashing all over my brain with the
rightness of this book. She also suggests that we not take every tele-evangelist at their word and challenge them (and not just them, but anyone who is preaching at us)! Hmm. Good thinking there. We need to match their words with scriptures and see if these folks are really giving us the truth or not. Don't take everyone at their word. Great advice.

My pages are soooo dog-eared and bent from re-reading and going back to check things and read again and read again and yet again just to make sure I have things right:)
I sat up a lot straighter when I came to the story about the parable of the talents.
This shouted out to me. How many times have I heard this story in church and yet when I read it the other night, it sprung off the page and tore into my eyes. I could not get the imagery out of my mind.

I won't give away the whole book here, but I will say that
Amie Streater's book is one I will read again and again and again.
I am so glad I stumbled upon it.

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