Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yes I do Eat Bon Bons and order things online...

We have this ongoing joke around here that if you are a
stay at home mom (which I am) you must have a pretty cushy
life and do nothing but watch the shopping channel and eat bon bons
all day.

This stems from a co-worked of Steve's who truly believes this.
He is an unmarried male with no children. Just saying.

I do order things online and yes I do eat treats.
The treats are to keep me buzzed so I have enough
energy from one task to the next. The online shopping is
for my own sanity because oh my goodness have you ever tried
to take an Emma shopping? Don't! It's exhausting.

Today I have spent the majority of my day on the phone
and computer and digging among our papers trying to
get money back from the claims department at Great West Life (our insurance provider).

Life is an adventure around here. Every single day.
Some days I wish I could sit for a few minutes.
But then...I know I would be lost.
I am thankful for this life.
In the rough parts and the rosy.

Life is beautiful.

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